Safety First – Steps You Can Take If Your Brakes Fail

Being in a car accident is a life-altering experience. Survivors usually recount it as a life-changing experience where their entire lives flash before their eyes. This is a very scary and traumatizing thing to go through.

It is important to know the necessary steps you can take to be able to save yourself and others in case you are in a car accident, and what are the things you should completely avoid doing.

Precaution is Better than Cure

We have all heard this proverb at some point in our lives and there is a reason it has been used to this date. Make sure to get a monthly maintenance of your car where you get your car thoroughly checked by a professional mechanic.

They can guide you if you need any brake repair or other necessary repairs. It is better to spend some money on maintaining your car rather than losing your health, car, and money by getting into an avoidable accident.

Some accidents are unavoidable and here are some steps you can take to stay safe.

Warn The Others

If you are on the road and your brakes fail, first and foremost, warn the others. Peek out your window and tell the nearby cars that your brakes have malfunctioned. Immediately press the hazard lights which will indicate the problem to other drivers.

Do not crash into something nearby. This can be life-threatening for you and others.

Do Not Pull the Hand Brake  

You read that right. If you are in a situation where your brakes have malfunctioned, do not just pull the hand brake. This will make your car roll over and crash.

Instead, hold your steering wheel firmly with one hand. This will help prevent the vehicle from deviating from its direction. Next, hold the mechanical brake with the other hand. Push the button on the hand brake and now pull your hand brake up and down repeatedly.

Finally, when it slows down a bit, you can pull the hand brake up to stop the car fully. This will make your car slow down steadily and not roll over from the sudden impact.

Electronic Brake

If your car has an electronic handbrake then simply keep pulling the electronic handbrake. This will cause the trip computer to judge that you are functioning in an emergency. Keep pulling the handbrake up without stopping until your vehicle steadily starts slowing down and stops.

If you leave it in the middle, the computer will think you are just using it wrong, and no braking will occur.

Get Back on Track

If you are a survivor of a life-threatening car accident, then try not to be afraid. It is important to give yourself grace as accidents can happen to anyone. Get your car repair done and return to the road.

The most important thing to do during and after accidents is to remain calm and collected so that you can think clearly about the next steps that you need to take. Fear will only clog your mind and hold you back from saving yourself and others.

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