What Legal Options Do You Have After Getting Injured In A Car-Truck Collision? 

A collision between a car and a truck can often result in serious injuries, especially to the people traveling in the victim’s car. If you have been in such an unfortunate accident where a truck hit you on the road, you should know the legal options you have to protect your rights. 

Getting in an accident with a truck has unique legal requirements because of the involvement of multiple parties, that is the truck driver and the trucking company. Trucking Injury Attorney can help you navigate through these legal perspectives. Here is everything you should know about the legal procedure in a car-truck collision. 

  1. Determining Liability And Fault

Determining the fault of the accident and liability of the accident is difficult. However, with the help of your experienced attorney, you can find a way to determine the fault of the accident. 

You should look for witness statements and gather all the facts that might indicate that the truck driver was at fault. 

  1. Involvement Of Trucking Company

Proving the fault of the trucking company can be difficult as most accidents are caused by driver’s negligence. However, if the driver was operating within his employment capacity, liability may extend to the company as well. 

Find a way to prove the negligence of the company during the recruitment process or overloading the driver with work. 

  1. Compliance With Federal Regulations

You should check whether the truck was iterating in compliance with federal laws or not. This should include operating within the load limits set by the federal and local authorities. 

Moreover, the truck driver should be following the traffic rules. You should check surveillance camera recordings and gather witness statements to prove that the driver was not complying with regulations when the accident happened. 

  1. Analyzing Insurance Coverage

You might want to analyze the insurance coverage of the truck driver and your insurance policies as well. Make sure that you know the limitations of each coverage. 

Look for the policies regarding such accidents and whether your insurance will cover all the expenses or not. 

  1. Severity Of Damage

The severity of the accident is determined by the severity of injuries and damages you have faced. Make sure that you get an early diagnosis from a reputable medical professional. These medical reports will provide you with evidence and support for pursuing the personal injury case. 

You should also check the damage caused to your property, such as your car. Get an estimate from an auto repair shop to determine fair settlement money. 

  1. Negotiation And Litigation

You should know the legal rights you have as a victim of a car-truck collision. Accidents are often settled through negotiations, however, if you are not getting the desired settlement offering, your personal injury lawyer might ask you to go for litigation. 

Make sure that you hire a strong lawyer who has experience in truck accidents. He will help you get the compensation that you deserve through trial in court.

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