Reasons for bullying on the internet

Bullying, like many other human behaviours, has adapted to the digital age. People who use the Internet or other digital technologies to harass or humiliate another person have joined the traditional playground bully who physically intimidates younger and weaker children. ‘Cyberbullying’ A variety of reasons may be given for cyberbullying, and these reasons are as varied as the victims themselves. Although there are certain commonalities, there are also some reoccurring motifs. If you are الهكر الاخلاقي by someone, you can contact us.


Many cyberbullies commit their acts for the sole purpose of enjoyment. There is a risk of cyberbullying when kids have too much time on their hands because they are bored. They’re not thinking about the long-term consequences of their behaviour; they’re simply having fun. Responding can only make matters worse for the victim of this kind of cyberbullying.


As a result of feeling powerless over others, some young people resort to cyberbullying as a means of exerting their authority. A large number of bullies seem to be the normal victim of a traditional bully until they get online and take on an aggressive demeanour. Young people who feel vindicated by retaliation tend to use their newfound authority to inflict greater harm on others in the future.

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Male or female, cyberbullying is not based on gender. Just like a guy, a girl’s physical appearance may bring out the worst in her, too. Female bullies may also spread rumours about their victims on social media and internet message boards. Cyberbullying is a means for the bully to show her power and social status over others. It is their goal to become more well-known and prominent in the group they are part of.


Cyberbullying may not always begin with malicious intent. Since there is no other choice for a young person who witnesses bullying, he or she may turn toward the Internet for retribution. In spite of the fact that this form of cyberbullying is good, it works only to put individuals in a constant state of dread and intimidation. In the same way that real-world vigilantes take the law into their own hands, these cyberterrorists do the same. It’s preferable for your child to go to a trusted adult like a teacher or a parent if they’ve been the victim of cyberbullying.


It’s very uncommon for students to be bullied at school, but it may intensify on social media sites like Facebook. Bullies are obliged to take responsibility for their insults on Facebook since the platform is non-anonymous. One drawback is that the bully doesn’t have to explicitly throw obscenities at his victim. In order to embarrass his victim as quickly as possible, he will be able to see whether they’ve done anything humiliating. On platforms like Facebook, adults and teenagers may bully one another just as readily. When it comes to Facebook’s open platform, shame may spread faster than ever before.


Because of the social and sharing elements of Facebook, it’s easy to become distracted and lose track of time. It’s possible that you may get addicted to Facebook despite the fact that you just use it to pass the time when you’re bored. Studies from Norway’s University of Bergen (UB) entitled “New Research on Facebook Addiction” (published in July 2012) found that younger people are more likely to get addicted to the site than older ones, as are socially anxious or insecure individuals, as do females. If you don’t have access to Facebook on a daily basis, you may become hooked and unproductive.  For more details please visit here احمد بطو

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