Elements of Modern Web Design That Drive Traffic

No doubt, the world has gone online during 2020. Nowadays, we are using websites to deliver all the things from product selling to financial transactions. Due to the online presence of businesses, people are also spending more time navigating through these websites. As a website owner, if you want to provide a satisfactory online experience to the viewers, you will have to pay attention to modern web design. You can’t get the attention of the viewers by introducing sophisticated and flawless functions. When we talk about modern web design, it doesn’t mean that you will have to just make it visually appealing. Along with adding visually appealing elements, you will have to implement SEO optimization techniques. Here, we will discuss the elements of modern web design that can drive traffic.

Elements of Modern Web Design:

Mobile-Friendly Layout:

The statistics of 2020 is showing that more people are using mobile devices as a primary source of the internet than desktops. That’s why a mobile-friendly layout has become the core element of modern web design. To create a mobile-friendly layout, you will have to use a responsive website design. This website design will allow your website to adapt to different screen sizes. While adapting to different screen sizes, will not compromise the usability and UI of the website. Google and other search engines are providing a higher ranking to mobile-friendly websites. After incorporating a mobile-friendly layout into your website, you can increase the traffic and revenue of your website.

Plenty of White Space:

It is also one of the most important elements of modern web design. The white space is very attractive for the viewers. Here, we are using the ‘White Space’ term for the ‘Empty Space’. Therefore, when we talk about white space, it doesn’t necessarily be white. Space will act as a buffer between different elements of your website. You can use this technique to direct the attention of the visitors to the most important elements or links of your website. On the other hand, if you will crowd your website with enough elements, you can’t direct the attention of the visitor’s eye to the core links or elements. The white space is also helpful for the webmasters for the organization of the web elements.

Optimization for Speed:

While implementing modern web design in your website, you should not ignore the significance of speed. If your website will take more than five seconds in loading the data, its bounce rate will increase up to 38%. Due to a higher bounce rate, the conversion rate of your website will also be dropped. For the optimization of the speed of your website, you will have to follow some simple steps. First, you should optimize all the images of your website. Secondly, you should select a robust hosting environment for your website. Thirdly, you should decrease the sizes of the files by using compression tools. At last, you should minimize the HTTPS requests on your website. By using these steps, you can optimize the speed of your website with minimal effort. After optimizing the speed, you should also check its speed by using Google’s PageSpeed Insights.

Clean and Bold Typography:

Recommended by a dissertation help firm, clean and bold typography is also a pillar of modern web design. For the clean and bold typography, you should consider some important things. First, you should use the approximately sized text. The approximately sized text is usually larger than 16px. Secondly, you should keep black or grey typography. This typography should be following the background images. Thirdly, you should use web-standard fonts. At last, you should keep adequate space between lines. When you will keep adequate space between lines, readers can easily read the content. If you want to build an identity of your brand, you can also use special font and typography. After selecting this font, you should show consistency throughout the pages.

Clean Backend Coding:

No doubt, the readers can’t visually see this element of the modern web design. Anyhow, when we will consider this element from the functionality point of view, we will know that it has utmost importance. By using clean backend coding, we can enhance the performance of a website. Web designers can use it for various purposes. For example, they can code efficiently for the flawless functionality of your website. Web designers can also use it for quick loading and effective navigation of the website. When you will introduce clean backend coding to your website, you can easily convert the visitors into customers. The web designer should also use it to organize different pieces of content. Moreover, they should also locate and fix the issues in the design of a website.

Design for the User First:

This is also an important element of the modern web design to drive more traffic. It shows that you will have to design your website for the users instead of for boosting ranking. Nowadays, some companies just focus on boosting up the ranking of their websites. As a result, they do some bad things for the users. The companies should make changes in their plans. First, they should think about the user experience. After that, they should think about the SERP. Nowadays, Google has also made changes in its algorithms. If you have completed all the things for the SERP but fail to provide the best user experience, Google will not improve the ranking of your website. When you will optimize your website for the users, you can build a group of recurring and loyal visitors.


If you want to get success in the online field, you will have to introduce the elements of modern web design. You can do it by getting familiar with the recent trends and modern advancements of web design. This is the best way to prioritize the user experience. When you will incorporate the above-mentioned elements in your website, you can’t only optimize its visual design but you can also optimize its functionality. This is also the best way to attract differentpeople to your website. After attracting different people to your business website, you may easily hold the visitors on your website. You can also convert the visitors to your website into customers.

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