What you need to learn about Steinhoff share price JSE

If you want to invest in a reliable platform, then Steinhoff is the best investment company.

Steinhoff is a JSE company that offers a platform for investment. That provide manufacture and retail if cloths, furniture and goods. It is successfully running in Australia, Europe and many other countries.

It is consist of the following segments.

Colorama: It works in furniture retailing in Europe

Australasia: It works with household items and merchandise in Australia

Pepkor: It works in selling footwear, textile, airtime and many other daily routine goods.

Corporate and Treasury service: It offers direction for strategies and how to decentralize services globally.

How to Buy Steinhoff shares:

If you are interested in Steinhoff shares price JSE and want to buy shares, then these are the steps to follow

  1. First of all login the website and fill the share form
  2. Enter your username, mobile number and your income
  3. Select your currency
  4. Press the “invest now ” button
  5. After filling the form, an operator of the company will call you to verify your bank details.
  6. Provide the information. The operator will handle your account setup.

What is the cheapest share to buy?

The best cheap stocks to buy no

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Zynga (ZNGA) …

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Ambev (ABEV)

Share Price JSE

The current price of Steinhoff shares is ZAR 2.00 that is a bit low from ZAR 2.04. Steinhoff share price JSE began the year 2021 with a share price of ZAR 1.04 and has since grown by 92.31 per cent in that time. When looking at their year-to-date performance on the JSE, this has allowed them to climb to the 14th position. On the other hand, investors should be wary of their recent poor performance, as the stock’s value has dropped by 11.11 per cent in the last four weeks.



Is Steinhoff listed on the JSE?

Yes, Steinhoff is listed in JSE and shares in the UK, Europe, Australia and Africa. Its primary stock exchange listing is in Frankfurt, with a secondary listing in Johannesburg. Steinhoff is a multinational conglomerate with operations in over 100 countries.

What happened to Steinhoff shares?


When Steinhoff collapsed, it wiped out more than R200 billion from the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, wiping out more than half of the wealth of tycoon Christo Wiese and causing millions of ordinary South Africans to lose their pension funds.


Is it a good time to buy Steinhoff shares?

No, because the company wiped 95% of its market cap in just three years, it is not worth buying Steinhoff shares.

The Bottom Line

Although Steinhoff share price JSE is very low, and it is not worthy of buying its shares. But it is getting back to its feet. Everyone wants to see how Steinhoff will pay its dent and stand on its feet.

The CEO of Steinhoff claim that Steinhoff can recover by being fair and transparent to its investors.

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