Why are NCERT Books the Best Study Materials?

Why are NCERT Books the Best Study Materials?

There are various reasons for the students to get stressed during the CBSE exams each year. One among them is to choose the right study material for the exam preparation. As there are numerous study materials available on the internet, students often find it difficult to decide the correct option. In order to avoid this stress, students must refer to the NCERT books. The successful engineers and top academicians have found it useful to excel in the CBSE exams.


These books are not only helpful with the exam preparation but also provide a strong foundation for various competitive exams. NCERT Books are considered to be the Bible for the students who are preparing hard to achieve their dreams. Students who find it difficult to answer the textbook questions can refer to the NCERT Solutions which are available in both online and offline format.

A few reasons why NCERT Books are the best for exam preparation are –

  1. Accurate Information

The subject matter experts in the respective field design the books after extensive research on each topic. The information covered in the book is 100% accurate as per the syllabus and guidelines of the CBSE board. Students will be able to obtain a good knowledge of the fundamental concepts which are important for the exams.


  1. Standard Questions

The NCERT Books contain standard questions which are frequently asked in the exams. By going through the examples and exercise wise problems, students will be able to obtain a strong grip on how to answer the complex questions effortlessly. It will also help the students to attain remarkable grades in the exams which will build the confidence for their career.


  1. Simple language is used

The highly experienced faculty explain the topics in a simple language so that it will be easier for the students to grasp. By regular usage of NCERT Books, students will be able to answer the questions of various difficulty levels. Students will be able to understand even the minute concepts in the best way possible.


  1. Numerous examples

When it comes to exam preparation, the NCERT Books contain numerous examples before each exercise-wise problem. Solving the examples before the exercise questions will provide a strong hold on the chapter. It will also enable the logical and analytical thinking abilities among students which is crucial from the exam perspective.

  1. Covers all important concepts

The questions in the CBSE exams mainly appear from the NCERT Books. The question paper setters pick the questions from the NCERT Books as it is the textbook which is prescribed by the CBSE board. All the important concepts are discussed in a comprehensive manner so that students can answer the questions in the exams without any difficulty.

Students who aspire to perform well in the CBSE exams are highly encouraged to refer to the NCERT Books. It not only provides a knowledge base but also helps the students to understand the syllabus covered under each subject. By regular practice, students will become more familiar with the concepts and will be able to understand the real life applications which would be discussed in the higher levels of education.


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